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Thank you for visiting Scary.fm! This website started as a place to share horror-themed stories and topics for our community of listeners and fans of the genre.

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Edwin Covarrubias


Hello! I write and narrate for the shows on Scary.fm. I am a fan of anything creepy, abandoned, or unexplained.

Madeline Guerra

Writer & reseacher

From reading a gothic novel to binging every single Halloween movie ever created, there probably isn’t a creepy story I haven’t heard.
Discord username: MaddyG#8085

Bianca Chaves

media specialist

I love connecting with people and working with fellow fans of horror and paranormal stories. I just don’t listen to scary stories at night, though.


Shaun Marnien

Sound Design

I enjoy horror in all forms of media, and scary stories are one of my favorites. I am in charge of making stories come to life through the power of audio! Let’s get spooky!


Tess Redman


I’m a part-time creator and full-time consumer of everything spooky and supernatural! I look forward to fueling all your nightmares.