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Scary FM is a group of eerie entertainment audio shows. They are available for free as podcasts.

Scary FM includes Scary Story Podcast, A Dark Memory, True Scary Story, Scary Mystery Surprise, and Historias de Terror Para No Dormir.

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  • #1 Fiction Podcast 2021 Spotify – Scary Story Podcast

  • Top 20 U.S. Overall U.S. Podcast in 2021 on Spotify – Scary Story Podcast

  • Featured podcaster on Spotify’s “Aquí Siempre” 2021 campaign – Edwin Covarrubias

  • Top 150 Overall U.S. Podcast 2022 – True Scary Story
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“The Creatures of the Hills”, based on a true story from Edwin’s visit to Perú, was the first in the series of fictional stories in hopes of receiving user-submitted content to publish. No submissions came in.

As requests for more stories came in, Edwin established a pattern of writing and publishing short scary stories weekly.

BetterHelp completed a purchase for an ad space on Scary Story Podcast, leading to optimization of two stories per episodes to include a mid-roll spot.

“A Scratch at the Door: The Legend of the Cat Lady” tells the story of a famous legend told in Mexico. Originally, A Dark Memory used an audio recreation of a cassette player to simulate a playback of recorded memories.

True Scary Story makes its debut with “What Lurks Outside”, a story shared by Edwin’s friends about an experience at Turnbull Canyon in Whittier, California.

“A Wild Time With the Ghosts of Bobby Mackey’s” publishes on Scary Mystery Surprise, with co-host Michelle Newman, telling the story of a famous haunted location in Wilder Kentucky, along with banter and commentary, signaling a shift and expansion for Scary FM within the paranormal-storytelling genre.

Creator, Writer, and Storyteller

Edwin Covarrubias is the creator of the lineup of Scary FM shows.

Edwin experiments with audio since his first chance encounter with a cassette player as a kid, but got his first dose of scary stories late one night in the stretch between San Diego and Los Angeles, California when his parent’s car picked up a signal from a Mexican scary storytelling radio show, La Mano Peluda.

His early influences came from the Scholastic book catalogs in elementary school, spending recess at the library, and obsessing over finding the next ghost story in books and magazines.

Growing up between two cultures as a Latino living in the United States, his works display a unique approach to the traditional horror story that is relatable to today’s growing audiences.


Category: Society and Culture, Fiction, Arts
Language: English
Frequency: Weekly
Downloads: 600k Monthly
30-Day Episode: 50k Listens

The Podcast

Scary Story Podcast is a collection of original short scary stories written and performed by Edwin Covarrubias in audio format available across all podcast platforms like Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and Amazon Music.

Two stories per episode immerse you into the worlds of a characters who are retelling something strange, creepy, and dark that happened in their life; anything from seeing a strange shadow while in the night shift as a warehouse security guard, to the memory of a suspicious meal that guests had at a funeral.

Through the use of a first-person narrative, and single narrator format, the show makes use of surrounding ambience, subtle sound effects, and tension to evoke the many emotions of fear: loneliness, regret, death, and reliving a dark past through melancholic fictional stories.

Edwin brings people into different scary worlds within a single episode, inspired by the short tales he read as a child in Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark, and the cliffhanger chapters from Goosebumps by R.L. Stine. 

Category: Society and Culture, Arts
Language: English
Frequency: Weekly
Downloads: 430k Monthly
30-Day Episode: 35k Listens

The Podcast

True Scary Story brings you directly into the terrifying account of a person who went through a paranormal experience.

Each episode contains one story as the person talks about their experience, combined with surrounding ambience and sound effects to recreate the events as they unfold.

Through the creative use of audience involvement and audio, we were able to take a simple conversation and turn it into a campfire-style first-person narration, flowing with the person’s emotions as they tell you their scariest true story.

Edwin introduces the show to the audience with a short clip in the front for context, and then lets the storyteller bring you into their universe for a 20-30 minute audio experience.

Category: Society and Culture, Documentary, True Crime
Language: English
Frequency: Weekly
Downloads: 135k Monthly
30-Day Episode: 11k Listens

The Podcast

A Dark Memory tells stories that are true. The places exist, the people existed, and the stories of ghosts and legends will continue to live as we share a dark memory.

Each episode brings back the lore of a haunted location, a forgotten legend, or a mysterious event, in a single-narrator format. Tales of the haunted road in your state, or the story behind your favorite urban legend, surround you as you take a step back in time with Edwin.

Episodes intertwine individual ghost stories along with the history discovered through research, in an intriguing and relatable format for the everyday listener.

Edwin introduces the show to the audience with a ghost story, or the brief history of a location, before diving into the past as we bring back the people, the legends, and the mysteries that have now faded into the fibers of time.